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Logistics Rotger is a logistics operator providing integral logistics services for companies seeking the full or part externalisation of their processes.

It provides personalised solutions for warehouse management, picking, fleet and transport management that cater for each customer’s specific needs, adapted to their requirements and those of each industrial sector.

The services cover each stage of the logistics chain, from goods reception, storage, order handling and preparation to stock and quality controls, delivery management, transport and returns, thanks to Rotger’s long-standing logistics experience in large-scale goods distribution, dating back to 1927.

Personalised logistics solutions

Logistics Rotger offers services tailored to meet your business needs and designed to optimise your logistic processes. This is possible thanks to its commitment to introducing ongoing improvements, which enables it to focus exclusively on its core activity, maximising your return rates, turning fixed costs into variable costs and boosting your standards of customer service.

At Logistics Rotger we handle material and information flows from supplier to product delivery, tailored to meet your customer’s requirements, guaranteeing the integration of our management and information systems with those of our customers.

Why choose us?

- Extensive experience in distribution, logistics and warehouse management
- A commitment to optimising our suppliers and customers’ business
- Fast and effective response rate and reaction capacity
- Reliability
- Long term partner relationships


More than 14,000 m2 of storage space in various locations throughout the Balearic Islands, as well as major growth capacity.

A team of more than 200 skilled professionals working directly or indirectly to provide optimum logistics services.

Cutting-edge technological solutions in stock management enabling us to work with more than 60,000 references with a current capacity for 20,000 deliveries per day.

Guaranteed integration with each customer’s information and management systems.

A fleet of more than 200 vehicles of varying types adapted to the needs of each sector.
- Panel vans and lorries
- Motorbikes
- Tractor units
- Semi-trailers (Tautliners, Refrigerated trailers, Flatbed trailers, Semi-dump trailers, Bulk cement trailers)

About us

Rotger is a family business dedicated to the sale, distribution and logistics of large-scale consumer products.

Our mission is to help our suppliers and customers optimise their business thanks to our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the consumer and logistics market.

Our corporate values are customer-oriented service and empathy, initiative, commitment and cooperation.
We stand out from the rest thanks to business relationships built on long-term partnerships, highly competitive solution times, unbeatable value for money and an extensive and varied service and product portfolio.

We guarantee fast, effective and reliable solutions for our customers’ needs, together with an outstandin management and advisory capacity.

Contact us and we will offer you the benefit of our experience, analysing your circumstances and providing solutions tailored to meet your needs.


Warehouse Management

Logistics Rotger offers externalised storage services:

- Goods reception
- Storage and location
- Stock management
- Product quality control
- Rotating inventory processes
- Returns to supplier management

Order handling and preparation

Logistics Rotger provides order handling and preparation services: - Picking - Packing - Implants in customer facilities - Technological solutions for integration with customers’ systems

Transport Fleet Management

Logistics Rotger offers solutions for externalising customers’ distribution routes:

- Vehicle management
- Route optimisation
- Equipment management
- Insurance
- Permits and licences

Land transport and dispatch management

Transport and delivery to end customers, technology-based solutions for delivery confirmation, tracking, returns collection, product destruction, returns to suppliers or warehouse location:

- Reimbursement management
- Full and part loads
- Nationwide and international transport
- Reverse logistics
- Online dispatch tracking
- Urgent courier services
- Transportation of earth, sand, cement, glass and all other bulk loads

Logistics Rotger provides integral logistics services specialised in e-commerce:

- Urgent and Economy services
- Integration of our systems with customers’ e-commerce services.

Maritime Transport

Daily goods traffic and connections between the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands, as well as inter-island operations and transport within the EU.
Groupage and consolidation services. Transport of full container loads and less-than-container loads to final reciever.

Controlled temperature transport

Logistics Rotger offers pharmaceutical distribution services in compliance with sector regulations:

- Temperature control
- Adapted vehicles

Success stories


Logistics operations for online stores, including the full range of logistics processes: goods reception, storage, order preparation and customer delivery in accordance with the client’s requirements, quality controls.

Household Items

Warehouse and stock management, as well as home delivery services for furniture and household items.

Food & Beverage Industry

Logistics operator for a food and beverage company operating in the HORECA sector, handling storage, order preparation, stock control, batch and expiry dates, delivery management and customer and supplier administration.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Route, vehicle fleet and delivery management for a pharmaceutical distributor.


Collection, storage and delivery of technology items and spare parts.

Publishing Industry

Logistics operator for publishing companies, providing storage and stock management services, as well as transport to customers and reverse logistics, including returns management.

Construction Industry

Transportation of earth, sand, cement, glass and all other bulk loads for major construction companies.

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